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1. [100.00%] Guys and Dolls
half is the more indebted to Mankiewicz's source, Damon Runyan's tales of loveable, streetwise crooks (every 'ethnic' tic of New York speech and behaviour lovingly exaggerated by Mankiewicz). Nathan has a long-suffering - 17.3kb

2. [80.00%] The Barefoot Contessa
(Joseph Mankiewicz, USA, 1954) The surface appeal of Joseph Mankiewicz's very personal project The - 14.3kb

3. [60.00%] Five Fingers
(Joseph Mankiewicz, USA, 1952) Films that openly flirt with a sophisticated endorsement of amoral - 18.2kb

4. [22.86%] Tags
Malick Joseph Mankiewicz John McNaughton George Miller Vincente Minnelli Julianne Moore Jack Nicholson Philip Noyce François Ozon Al Pacino - 35.0kb

5. [22.86%] Game Space and Play Time: A Partial History of American Screen Comedy (Lubit...
Lubitsch, Wilder or Joseph Mankiewicz – for it is not the opposite of vulgarity , something which, in its transgressive , liberating and socially levelling force, plays a major role in virtually every - 114.7kb

6. [22.86%] Citizen Sarris, American Film Critic: Essays in Honor of Andrew Sarris
judge Mankiewicz ‘less than meets the eye’ and ghettoise Boorman as an ‘oddity/one-shot/newcomer’. What he did not get is the cultural context that necessitated Sarris’ - 27.5kb

7. [20.00%] Wild Things
Altman or Joseph Mankiewicz at their darkest: life as a game of perpetual one-upmanship, with everyone ready to trade love for booty in a split-second. This message is not exactly ennobling - 16.2kb

8. [20.00%] Touch
a bit like a Joseph Mankiewicz film of the 1950s, like Five Fingers (1952), obsessed with a dozen tantalising variations on scamming, duplicity and success. But many of the really interesting questions of - 51.9kb

9. [20.00%] Mr Jealousy
directors (from Joseph Mankiewicz to Éric Rohmer ). But where these artists drew from many sources – theatre, the novel, the street – the American independents seem fixated - 14.0kb

10. [20.00%] Nine Queens
by Billy Wilder or Joseph Mankiewicz concerning elaborate double-crossing deceits. Juan learns early on not to take at face value whatever misfortune occurs on the street, since it could so easily be a con or - 11.0kb

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